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Monarch Business School Switzerland offers self-paced study programs tailored for students with prior research experience seeking to advance their academic education.

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Academic Research Doctorates

Academic doctorates for residential and international candidates seeking the best in academic training

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Professional Research Doctorates

High quality flexible study programs for busy professionals interested in career and personal growth.

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Doctorate of Business Administration

Adaptable study program considered to be the pinnacle in business education.

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Monarch is a private, high-quality, Swiss Business School focused on graduate studies

Great Success

The recent doctoral Symposium held in Dubai, UAE has concluded, hailed as a remarkable success by all attendees. Senior faculty members and candidates from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East graced the event, representing over 15 different nationalities. The Symposium aimed to aid candidates in refining their research endeavors and navigating the various challenges inherent in academic research.

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Doctoral Symposium


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Students are the heart of UGSM-Monarch Business School

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Honor Medals

The honor medal represents a lasting distinction, acknowledging the significant sacrifices candidates have made in pursuing their goals.

Honor Medals.

Monarch Business School adheres to European educational standards in all aspects related to program quality, delivery, and school administration.