Message From The Dean

Dr Henderson.

Monarch Business School Switzerland brings together the top professors from the world’s most recognized business schools and pairs them with high achieving candidates to produce scholastic excellence. Becoming a candidate at Monarch means setting off on a journey of academic excellence with some of the best professors in the world. Simply put, UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland focuses on developing managers to become leaders that strive for the highest level of practice within their field.

Our innovative research programs enable practicing managers to achieve their goal of attaining the highest level of academic training. Our innovative remote-study programs are available to suit even the most demanding professional schedules, while the academic integrity of the programs is second to none. The special characteristics of Monarch Business School Switzerland include:

  • Research based programs for practicing managers
  • Top faculty members from the most recognized Universities from around the globe
  • Flexibility of study mode means studying whenever and wherever convenient
  • Freedom from the rigor of a set curriculum
  • A clear path to obtaining the “Doctor” title.

Doctoral studies at Monarch Business School Switzerland follow the traditional European method of intimate one-on-one professor-candidate supervision. At Monarch, you are an individual with a unique study path. That means a greater possibility for success and a more enjoyable and rewarding graduate study experience.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you to be a success.

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson, D.Phil., MBA
Dean of Studies
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