Professional Research Doctorates

Professional Research Doctorates are specifically designed for the working professional who does not expect to enter the academic stream as a full professor upon completion. Nevertheless, professional research doctorates are considered equivalent in both stature and requirement as to the D.Phil. or Ph.D. counterpart and are generally accepted for teaching positions within university business schools, as is the case with the well-know DBA degree (Doctor of Business Administration).

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Candidates entering the Professional Research Doctorate streams may do so as research-only under the Doctor of Professional Studies program or as course-based & research component under the remaining programs. Typically, the professional research doctorate makes use of a course component of between 6 to 8 graduate courses in order to provide a solid foundation within the discipline so that the candidate may (re)-enter the professional arena with confidence upon graduation. Professional research doctorates are typically geared to the working professional with an average of 10 years business experience at the managerial level.

The professional research doctorates on offer include: