UGSM-Monarch Business School is a private, high-quality, Swiss Business School focused on graduate studies in management located in the Cantons of Zug and Aargau. UGSM-Monarch functions primarily as a Doctoral Institute with the main focus on doctoral programs and doctoral candidates for both active students and returning professionals. UGSM-Monarch Business School operates on European educational standards for all policies affecting quality and delivery of programs as well as administration of the school.


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UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland uses a mixed teaching approach including both asynchronous and synchronous learning methods which enables both full-time and part-time progression through the programs. All that is required is the desire and discipline to succeed. Through our unique set up and design USGM-Monarch helps to empower candidates to be able to achieve their very best in research and study. Candidates that enter the programs are paired with world-class professors that assist and support them throughout their studies at Monarch. With the benefit of this intimate and important “Candidate-Professor” relationship coupled with the flexibility designed into each study program further enabled by the best-in-breed technology candidates are assured of success.