Study Modes

The programs at UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland are designed primarily for the working professional who must complete their studies while at the same time being employed. Therefore, most of the students are registered as remote-study or international students. UGSM-Monarch Business School does also offer the ability for students to study in residence in Switzerland or to be registered as a fully independent student.

The international candidates at UGSM-Monarch come from more than 25 different countries from around the world. We have a strong diversity amongst our candidate population. This makes UGSM-Monarch Business School an enjoyable place to study and interact with fellow students. The international or remote-study program enables candidates to continue working or remain at their existing location while completing their studies. Candidates interact with professors, the administration and fellow candidates via the online learning platform know as Moodle. Candidates have the option of attending Symposiums that are offered at various times of the year in Switzerland and Dubai. During the Symposiums candidates have the opportunity to interact in a face-to-face manner with professors, the administration and fellow candidates. This program structure is very similar to the existing and popular Executive MBA programs found at different universities.

Candidates may opt to complete all or a portion of their studies on a yearly basis in residence in Switzerland. When doing so the candidate is responsible to cover all living expenses. The candidate would be required to find private accommodations in Switzerland which may be in the surrounding area or farther afield as desired by the candidate. The administration of the school is located mid-distance between Zurich and Lucerne and therefore there is ample opportunity to find appropriate accommodations. The candidate would be responsible to also cover the cost of any government visa applications and the like. Please ensure that you take note of the specific tuition schedule for the residential option.

Candidates may opt to complete their studies as a fully independent student that does not fall under supervision or guidance. This mode is suited for Candidates who have a background in research and are comfortable completing research under their own supervision while holding external status at the university. Candidates under this mode are able to use the library resources of the university. Once registered in the program the Candidate completes the program as per their own schedule and work flow. See the following page.