Student Publications

Below you may find examples of published work from the Doctoral students at UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland.

Majdalany photo.

Majdalany, G. and Henderson, J. 2013 The Effect of Intellectual Assets And Intellectual Liabilities Disclosure On Financial Performance: An Empirical Analysis Of Publicly Listed Companies In The United Arab Emirates, Conference Proceeding of the 5th  ECIC. (Download)

Majdalany, G. and Ramadan, M. 2013. The Impact Of Corporate Governance Indicators On Intellectual Capital Disclosure: An Empirical Analysis From The Banking Sector In The United Arab Emirates, Conference Proceeding of the 5th ECIC. (Download)


Sisodia, S. 2013. Opportunities And Challenges Brought by Generic Drug User Fee Act in 2013, International Journal Of Advanced Research in Pharmaceutical & Bio Sciences, 10-13, ISSN: 2277-6222 (Download)


Masouras, A. 2013. An Empirical Approach To Greek Viewpoint Diversity: The Economic Crises And The Outflow Of News Content, Mediterranean e-Journal Of Communication & Media, Vol. 2, No. 1. (Download)

MAIER Myriam.

Maier, M. 2013. Potential Instruments That The ECB Could Take In Order To Face The Euro Zone Crises, Equilibrium, Vol. 8, Iss. 1, 33-48 (Download)

Maier, M. 2012 . Austrian Economics and the Financial Crises of 2008. EuroEconomica, 3(31), 33-45 (Download)

Maier, M. 2012. The Current Economic Crises And Policy Proposals For The Future Of The Economic Zone: An Austrian Theory Perspective, International Journal of Education Economics and Development. Vol. 2 No. 4, 348-362 (Download)

Maier, M. 2012. International Trade, FDI, And The Austrian School Of Economic Thought, Transnational Corporations Review, Vol. 4, No. 4, 76-84  (Download)