Dissertation Archive

Below you may find examples of completed and defended thesis and dissertation work:

Student: George Majdalany
Focus: Intellectual Capital
Date: May-2013
Title: The Effect of Intellectual Assets and Intellectual Liabilities Disclosure on Financial Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Publicly Listed Companies in the United Arab Emirates

Student: Donald Oxford York
Focus: Leadership
Date: April-2012
Title: The Emergency Medical System Service: A Praxis Exploration of Leadership in Prehospital Care Environments

Student: Khalil DuPlessis
Focus: ERP & Lean Manufacturing
Date: Aug-2013
Title: A System Analysis Approach to Analyze and Develop ERP Systems Framework Based On The Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Student: Kwape Mmela
Focus: Toll Road Concession
Date: Nov-2012
Title: Factors Influencing the Award of Toll Road Concessions: The South African Perspective

Student: Terje Tonsberg
Focus: Leadership
Date: April-2012
Title: A Framework of Leadership Based on Ludwig Von Mises’ Theory of Purposeful Human Action

Student: Donald Oxford York
Focus: Followership
Date: May-2010
Title: The Respiratory Therapist: A Study of Followership Within Critical Care Environments