The various programs at UGSM-Monarch Business School are split between two main categories being thesis or course based programs as well as professional versus academic programs. The graphic below illustrates the varying program design.

Student looking.
Program Design.

Monarch Business School Switzerland provides programs of independent study for students with research experience who wish to further their academic training. Programs are available for those already holding a doctorate who wish to expand into a new field or to complete post-doctoral studies. The programs found under this rubric are:

  • Doctor of Literature (Post-Doctoral Program)
  • Doctoral Of Commerce

Monarch Business School Switzerland makes extensive use of the historical research method for Doctoral and Master studies originating in both the English and continental systems. The thesis-based doctoral programs use the same designation as those at Cambridge and Oxford (“DPhil”) and are also considered to be equivalent to the German Doctor of Economic Science (Dr.rer.pol.). The programs found under this rubric are:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Governance
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Research
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Finance
  • Doctor of Philosophy in International Business
  • Doctor of Management

Monarch Business School has designed a series of professional course-based doctorates that provide the necessary flexibility required by the working professional while at the same time providing the necessary level of academic rigor of a Doctoral program. The result is a group of exciting programs that may be followed from a distance and online. The programs found under this rubric are:

Monarch Business School makes available Master level options for all thesis based Doctoral programs. These programs are designed to give the student a solid grounding in research at the Master level. These programs may be taken as stand alone programs or the student may automatically continue on to the Doctoral level when completed.

  • Master of Philosophy in Governance
  • Master of Philosophy in Business Research
  • Master of Philosophy in Economics
  • Master of Philosophy in Finance
  • Master of Philosophy in International Business
  • Master of Management