Swiss Cross.

There are two systems for higher education in Switzerland: private and public. Switzerland has a long and proud tradition of private schools that is well-known and has been the envy of the world. In Switzerland education is regulated by the local Canton. UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland is recognized by the local Canton of Zug, Switzerland, as evidenced in the local registry:

Die UGSM-Monarch Business School ist eine private, hochwertige, anerkannte Universität mit Möglichkeiten zum Doktor- und Masterabschluss. Die UGSM-Monarch Business School arbeitet nach amerikanischen und europäischen Bildungsstandards und ist auf das Management-Studium spezialisiert. Die Dozenten an der UGSM-Monarch Business School kommen aus den verschiedensten top Business Schools und Universitäten in der ganzen Welt.

UGSM-Monarch Business School is a private, high-quality, accredited university providing doctoral and master degrees in management. UGSM-Monarch Business School operates on American and European educational standards and is focused on graduate studies in management. The teaching faculty at UGSM-Monarch Business School comes from a variety of top business schools and Universities throughout the world.

International students may request from the administration that the diploma and transcript of the program of study be stamped and registered by a Swiss notary in order to provide validation. Moreover, the degrees may also be validated by the Swiss Notary in others languages being: French, German or Italian.

ECBE Transparent.

UGSM-Monarch Business School has begun the accreditation process with ECBE-The European Council of Business Eduction located in Switzerland.

UGSM-Monarch Business School holds institutional / educational membership with the following accreditation and oversight agencies: