Coat Of Arms

Crest Formal.
Crest Standard.

Coat of Arms

The UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland Standard Coat of Arms is formed on a shield of white with a broad royal blue center band highlighted with gold ermine. The UGSM-Monarch Business School Formal Coat of Arms is formed on a shield of gold with a broad royal blue center band highlighted with gold ermine. The shields include an open book to signify an institution of higher learning which is the tradition for colleges and universities. The lower section of the shield contains three peaks which signify the mountains of Switzerland where the University makes it home. The shield is topped by three crowns which represent the main faculties of higher learning being: Economics/Business, Science and the Arts. The center crown represented in gold represents the main focus of Monarch being Economics and Business studies. The three crowns taken together underscore that business studies and commerce always exists in relations to the other faculties and areas of society. The crowns and ermine symbols are visual representations of the term Monarch.

The Motto of The School

The Motto of the University in Latin is “Sola Virtus Nobilitat” translated into English as “Virtues Ennoble” in its short form, or in its long form as “Only Virtues May Make One Noble”. The Motto itself reflects the over reaching philosophical position of the University that each individual whether they be Professors, Students or Administrators must continually strive for the betterment of the person, continually improving the character through intellectual, physical and spiritual pursuit. The Motto also speaks to the need for each person to remain focused on the betterment of their own character in order to bring about the improvement of society and the community in general. Monarch Business School Switzerland believes that a better world may be obtained for all through an enlightened approach to business and commerce where the character of the individual remains the driving force.