New Student Council Website

New Website.

UGSM-Monarch Business School is pleased to announce the introduction of the new student council website. The website has been created to provide graduate students with their own separate and unique place to post announcements and issues that are unique to the student community.

The main feature of the student council website is the student discussion forum. This is a protected forum where students may discuss all aspects of their studies here at Monarch. The forum is closed to the general public and only students with authorized log-ons may participate. It is hope that this forum will become a dynamic and useful tool for the student community where everyone will be able to reinforce and support each other.

Over the next weeks and on an ongoing basis the website will be populated with important news. The administration is proud of the effort by the student council to make this website a reality. You may view more on the members of the student council by visiting the student council site. Just click the image below.