Monarch Introduces Doctor of Professional Studies Program

Students at the lecture.

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson, Director of Studies at Monarch Business School announced earlier this week the creation of the Doctor of Professional Studies, D.Prof., program at Monarch Business School. The program is specifically tailored to the the working professional manager and enables him or her to progress through Doctoral studies with the greatest flexibility and independence possible.

The Doctor of Professional Studies is an applied thesis-only program based on the practical knowledge gained from experience within the business. As such, the program is considered interdisciplinary. The purpose of the D.Prof. is to provide active managers with a flexible approach for the advanced study of a managerial problem important to their organization. Individuals pursuing this degree are interested in examining a relevant business problem from a “hands-on” practical perspective in order to derive applicable outcomes for their organization. It is often pursued with the direct support of the candidate’s company due to the intrinsic value of the program to the operations of the work-place.

The degree is considered an alternative to the theoretical orientation of the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Research degree – D.Phil. It is also considered to be more applied and practical than the Doctor of Business Administration degree – DBA degree. Individuals entering this program have the intention of building upon their significant practical experience in the work-place and taking that experience to the next level. The degree is appropriate for mid-to-senior level managers who have a minimum of 5 year experience.

Monarch also concurrently announced the creation of the Master of Professional Studies degree, M.Prof., which is seen as an alternative to the well-know MBA, Master of Business Administration degree.